About the Programme

Technology integration has revolutionized project management and quality control in the rapidly evolving field of construction. Integrating laser scanning technology with Building Information Modelling (BIM) software is a powerful combination that is gaining momentum. Laser scanning, using LiDAR technology, provides precise and detailed 3D representations of physical spaces, while BIM offers a comprehensive construction project model. By merging these technologies, construction professionals can enhance quality control, streamline processes, and improve project outcomes.

This course thoroughly explores the integration of Laser Scanning and BIM. With the construction industry increasingly adopting advanced technologies, this program provides the knowledge needed to use these digital tools effectively, enhancing your professional expertise.

Training facilitators

Bayonle Windapo, PRARC


Prof. Abimbola Windapo, PRCPM


Wian Wilson​


Fabio Companie

Benefits of Attending

Enhanced Quality Control: By combining laser scanning with BIM, construction professionals can accurately identify and address discrepancies between the as-built conditions and the original design, improving quality control and adherence to project specifications.

Cost and Time Savings: Integrating laser scanning and BIM reduces the need for costly rework and saves significant time during construction, enhancing project efficiency and profitability.

Accurate Documentation and Validation: The detailed point cloud data obtained through laser scanning enables precise measurements and analysis, ensuring that as-built conditions align with design intent and facilitating efficient issue resolution.

Improved Project Outcomes: Using laser scanning and BIM technology for quality control leads to the successful delivery of high-quality construction projects, bolstering stakeholder satisfaction and industry reputation.

Precision in Construction Processes: Enables pre-emptive detection of disparities between the original design and actual construction

Reduced Dependence on Rework: Saves project time and facilitates the swift resolution of arising issues.

Conference starts in

15 - 16 August 2024

Cape Town , South Africa


Our Event Schedule

2-Day Pass • Ex VAT

Cost per person

R 12,990  

NB: Price is in South African Rand. Price displayed exclude VAT.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the training program, participants will:
Understand how laser scanning is used in efficiently and accurately capturing site data and integrate the resulting point cloud data into BIM software, enhancing their ability to conduct thorough quality control assessments during construction projects.
Be proficient in applying this collated data for documentation and validation.
Have the competencies to exploit these state-of-the-art technologies to enhance accuracy and efficiency in  their respective construction project

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