We are committed
to enhancing innovation
in human capital.

We are committed
to enhancing innovation
in human capital.

In today’s challenging business environment, it is imperative that entities make use of engines that are capable and committed to creating and enhancing innovation in the human capital resource. Recognising this, MILLASA has taken the opportunity to be that tool. We are a conference management and in-house training co-ordinator aimed at providing our clients with top-notch and relevant conferences, geared to bring about a wave of successfully implemented change, and enhance the strive for excellence within the organization. MILLASA has entered the marketplace to provide resources that enable businesses to differentiate and clearly position themselves to stand apart from the crowd.


We want to drive your organisation to global competitiveness.

Experienced team

We have over a decade of expertise creating and managing world-class conferences.

Well-researched topics

Our team of researchers find relevant and innovative topics for our conferences and webinars.

Various event formats

We are constantly innovating the vehicles to give you access to our conferences. We run online webinars, live conferences and hybrid events.

Private & public corporations

We are open network opportunities with professionals and industry to boost the economy.

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