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Theme: Unlocking developmental potential within rural areas

The Virtual Rural Development week will showcase successful projects and case studies to provide any potential participants in this sector with the critical practical knowledge to get started or improve existing initiatives. Along with the opportunity to establish useful networks, glean from the NGOs, investors and developers involved in successful micro to medium sized projects who will come together to share valuable concepts, experience and innovation.

6 Key Benefits of Attending

  • Gain practical experience in understanding current rural development issues and working with communities and family managed rural enterprises.
  • Develop key research and policy skills for financially rewarding rural projects
  • Access personal development resources to empower your community
  • Sustainable rural development projects with short term returns that pay in 6 months – 2 years
  • Motivational and informative panel sessions
  • Learn how to generate income in rural areas
  • Interested to speak, please send us an email to

    Virtual: 12th Annual Rural Development Conference 8-12 November

    R 5,738.50 Including VAT

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