About the Program

This conference will discuss the use of 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) for on-site and offsite fabrication components using industrial robots and gantry systems. This event is to explore where the technology is best applied in the development of new infrastructure and to assess the business case for taking 3DCP forward, all pros and cons considered. Known as ‘Printfrastructure’, the 3DCP process involves using computer-controlled robot-mounted 3D printers to create simple or complex, precise concrete structures.

Some of the key Benefits of 3DCP technology:

  • The automated nature of 3DCP could bring about a reduction in the project’s carbon footprint due to the efficient use of materials
  • The automated nature of 3DCP and resultant precision could result in a safer working environment for workers on site
  • 3DCP allows for the possibility of greater creativity in the design and architecture of robust new age structures 
  • Easier access to previously physically restricted areas possibly allowing for reduced costs
  • The technology could allow for the use of less expensive materials and a reduction in the use of high energy consuming equipment

Conference starts in

20 - 21 October 2022

Sandton, JHB

2-Day Pass • Ex VAT

Cost per person

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