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The rise in number and size of informal settlements is of great concern in Africa. While the continent is not overpopulated, however due to debilitating generational poverty so many of its citizens are born to living in shacks and will never be of the means to purchase a piece of land to build their own homes. Africa is struggling to deal with land policy and property rights. This is just one of the drivers of informal settlement in Africa. The rewards of land development initiatives that would empower affected citizens could include increased job creation, sustainability, health, education and economic activity which are all stagnant socio-economic areas of concern that urgently need to be addressed.

We look forward to analysing case studies from cities across the continent that are making above average progress in their settlements, providing quality public service delivery and performance that exceeds typical third world norms. There will be exciting presentations and opportunities to dialogue across a relevant range of subjects with a diverse group of attendees.

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Human Settlement Outlook Africa Conference

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