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Fire Systems Design and Engineering in Mass Timber Structures and Buildings Online Conference aim is to provide better understanding of the performance of timber structures in fire engineering . Given the high carbon footprint of cement and steel production, timber is increasingly a compelling material of choice. With the need for green and sustainable architecture, as well as new available timber technologies (i.e. cross laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber, glulam, etc.), architects and building owners are requesting taller mass timber buildings and more exposed timber. In addition to the sustainability benefits that timber buildings offer, increased speed of construction and potentially higher financial returns plead the case of mass timber buildings.Up until now, the conventional design of multi-storey mass timber buildings has been based on timber structural elements being encapsulated within fire rated gypsum plasterboard products, to provide a noncombustible finish. With the recent planning of high-rise mass timber buildings with more exposed timber,
the influence of this exposed timber on:

  • fire dynamics,
  • overall structural fire rating,
  • structural response when subjected to heating,
  • sprinkler system design, and
  • fire safety regulations

needs to be understood. With better understanding, not only will high rise mass timber building designs improve, approving authorities will be better equipped at conducting necessary assessments.

David Barber
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    David is a Principal with Arup based in Washington DC, where he specializes in the fire safety of mass timber buildings. For over 20 years David has assisted with fire testing, developing new timber technologies, authoring fire safety design guides for construction, working with wood product suppliers and completing fire safety solutions for mid-rise and high-rise timber buildings. David works with owners, developers, architects, suppliers and contractors in the approval, development and detailing of timber structures. David is currently working with project teams on mass timber buildings located throughout the US and globally

Dr Brand Wessels
Chairperson: Dept. of Forest and Wood Science | Stellenbosch University
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    Brand Wessels obtained a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Wood Science at Stellenbosch University. After working for five years as a researcher at the CSIR he joined Stellenbosch University as a senior lecturer in Wood Science, specialising in wood mechanics, wood processing and engineered wood products. In the past 10 years he worked closely with the South African sawmilling industry on a range of research projects related to structural wood products. Recently he focussed on the development of engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber from young Eucalyptus and Pine trees. Brand is currently the chairman of the Department of Forest and Wood Science at Stellenbosch University.

Ulrike Quapp
Faculty Manager: Civil Engineering
HTWK Leipzig Germany
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    Assessor iuris Ulrike Quapp was awarded a First and a Second State Examination in Law after legal clerkship and post gradual studies. She worked as attorney at law. Since 2006, Mrs. Quapp has been Faculty Manager of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at HTWK Leipzig. Her main research fields are civil and structural engineering education as well as construction law. Mrs. Quapp published more than 70 national and international publications, chaired sessions at international conferences, serves as reviewer of numerous journals and is Editorial Board Member of the ASCE journal „Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction”.

Darren Sulon
Stellenbosch University
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    Darren is a researcher at Stellenbosch University where he has completed his master’s degree in structural fire engineering for timber structures, and will soon be starting a PhD. His research focuses on modelling the behaviour of mass timber connections in fire scenarios using the finite element method. His broader research interests include mass timber construction, cross-laminated timber, structural fire engineering and fire dynamics. His work has been done in collaboration with Dr Nico de Koker and Prof Richard Walls of the Fire Engineering Research Unit (FireSUN) who will introduce his work and talk.

Marco Antonelli | Promat Trainings & International Conferences Manager | c/o Etex Building Performance – Promat Platform (Belgium)
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    Marco Antonelli is an industrial chemical engineer with more than 35 years of experience in passive fire protection. Vice-president of Commission: “Fire behaviour” of Italian Organization for Standardization (UNI) and Expert Member of CEN/ TC127- WG 1 “Structural and separating elements” – European Community. Co-author of several Italian standards, technical books and articles. He has held more than 700 seminars around the world and lectures in national and international universities.

Fire Systems Design & Engineering in Timber Structures and Buildings: Online Conference

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