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This conference brings together local and international perspectives focused on interrogating ideal and successful methodologies in the transmission of electricity. Wheeling, which is the transmission of electricity from the point of production to the end user, has been successfully implemented worldwide in deregulated markets but becomes challenging in the South African context due the increasing production of variable renewable power in an environment that has not yet been developed to support this. South Africa currently has a regulated market, and as is largely the case on the African continent, a state-owned entity monopolizes the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and this model has proved over many years to be ineffective for a myriad of reasons and the continent remains plagued with an inconsistent and unreliable supply of electricity. For the few independent producers that exist, one of the major challenges that exists, is that they often operate in decentralized locations and  issues of inadequate supportive infrastructure and electricity networks in underdeveloped areas come to the fore.

Wheeling presents a viable alternative to enhance efficient electricity delivery to the load centers across the country. Policy in South Africa is currently shifting to allow independent power producers to enter the market although there are still only a handful of projects underway. A good example is seen in George where an alternative source of electricity successfully makes use of the municipality’s grid. This project supports the idea that Independent Power Producers (IPP) can exist alongside the mainstream power generation utilities to provide a sustainable electricity supply that works for the country. These initiatives hold potential for collaboration between the public and private sectors to improve infrastructure networks in the underdeveloped rural communities. This event will highlight the policy and technical challenges that exist, bringing together the input of various stakeholders at a level that is intended to make inroads to facilitate the broader uptake of electricity wheeling within the country.

Conference Speakers

DeVilliers Botha

CEO | Solareff (Pty) Ltd

Sebastian Glaeser

Energy Advisor: Energy Policy & Regulation | GIZ

Stephane Barbeau

Practice Manager for Power Sector Reforms and PPP | CPCS

Tiaan Hendriks

Head of Department: Energy Design, Sales & Marketing | SEM Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Gerjo Hoffman

CEO | Open Access Energy

Philip Van Niekerk

Mechanical Engineer - Electrotechnical Services | George Municipality


Dr Chris Haw

Head of Solar Assets | The Sola Group

Liz MacDaid

Advisor | Organisation undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA)

Andy Tant

Executive Director | Cresco

Bianca Ferreira

Candidate Engineer | Energy Centre, CSIR

Jenna Harris

Managing Director | Apollo Africa

Ed Cameron

Commercial Manager | Apollo Africa

Sabatha Mthwecu

Managing Director | Solar Rais

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Possible topics

  • Policy instruments that address wheeling
  • Contractual Parties to a Wheeling Agreement
  • The Practicalities of Implementing Wheeling Tariffs
  • Wheeling and Banking Strategies for Optimal Renewable Energy Deployment
  • Solar PV Wheeling projects
  • Wheeling of Renewable Energy
  • Banking of Renewable Energy
  • Enabling Policies and Regulations
  • Wheeling Deployment: Successes & failures (Case Study)
  • Business Options for an RE Generator to sell RE
  • RE Generator’s Perspective

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Who should attend?

Municipalities, Energy utilities, Energy Regulators, Ministry of Energy, Electricity Generators & distributors, Independent Power Producers (IPP), Energy Specialist

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