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THEME: Public Works Inspection 4.0: Building Quality through Inspection in the 4th industrial Revolution


MillaSA introduces the 6th Construction, Engineering and Public Works Inspectors Conference 2020. The aim of the conference is to equip Public Works and Building Inspectors with the knowledge and skills needed to perform inspection audits; deal with substandard materials; apply code of ethics to inspection work; know band understand Risk Management Tools for inspection and drive quality assurance and improved project monitoring skills for works inspection, by:

  • Providing an overview of the Building and Public Works Inspector professions and their scope of services, including the ethics of inspection work
  • Presenting the applicable legislation including the National Building Regulations and environment in which inspectors operates, and
  • Focussing on cross-cutting issues that relate to the inspection of buildings considered at pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages.
    Here are two reasons to attend this event:

  • Learn about the new inspection methods and tools and the fourth industrial revolution
  • Get a comprehensive overview of inspection skills, technical knowledge, and practical methods to build a solid foundation for success Improving Public Works Construction Inspection Skills

Isaac Mzumara Nkosi | President | South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP)
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    Mr. Nkosi has acquired vast experience in project and construction management on various projects including urban and rural infrastructure; office buildings; retail complexes; housing developments and casino and entertainment developments. He has been involved in a number of projects for planning, establishment and capacity building of project management offices/units for public sector clients. He has a very good understanding of government policy and the legislative framework at National, Provincial and Local government levels in so far as infrastructure planning and delivery. He is the past Chairman of the Council for the Built Environment (CBE). He holds a Master of Science in Project Management (University of Pretoria), a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management (University of Pretoria) and a Diploma in Civil Engineering (University of Malawi) among others.

Eng. Akech Maurice
Executive Director
National Construction Authority Kenya
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    Engineer is the Executive Director, National Construction Authority (NCA), Kenya. Previously working as the General Manager for Research, Training and Capacity Building at NCA, he spearheaded research and training activities for the construction industry. He is a professional engineer registered by Engineers Board of Kenya and a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya. He holds a Masters degree in Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (CE). He has served the construction industry for over 20 years in design, construction supervision and management. He has worked in various engineering, infrastructure and telecommunications projects with international and local companies in Kenya.

Mr Rudolf Opperman |Technical Advisor: Architecture and National Building Regulations |National Regulator For Compulsory Specifications (NRCS)
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    Mr Rudolf Opperman is the Technical Advisor for Architecture and the National Building Regulations to the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications. The NRCS is also the Building Regulator on behalf of the Department of trade and Industry. Mr Opperman was a Building Control Officer in the employ of the City of Johannesburg for 17 years before joining the NRCS. During his tenure as an Assistant Director at the Building Control Department of the City, he honed his skills as a building regulator. Prior to his tenure with the City of Johannesburg he was employed with the Architectural firm Osmond Lange as a Project Architect. Rudolf Opperman left the architectural field after 6 years exemplary service, to take up a career within the regulatory environment. At the time of his departure from the Architectural profession, he had risen to the level of an associated partner in one of the bigger architectural firms within South Africa.

Daniels Ambrose Pentasaib | Senior Manager: Building Inspectorate Development Management | eThekwini Municipality
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    Previously employed with Professional Architectural Practices spanning over a period of 10 years as an “Architectural Technologist”. Employed by Ethekwini Municipality for a period of 25 years. Initially commenced as an “Assistant Building Inspector”, thereafter promoted as a “Building Inspector”, “Senior Building Inspector”, “Assistant Manager: Building Inspectorate”, “Acting Manager: Building Inspectorate”, to the current position of “Senior Manager: Building Inspectorate” in the “Development Management Department”. Responsible for the strategic Management of the Building Inspectorate Branch by way of development, enhancement and performance for the administrative, operational, management and strategic components of the various functionalities. Passionate about Mentorship, Training and Development by way of introducing several programs that are currently running parallel and at the same time supporting each other. In-service and Work Experential Training Program, Continued Learning Program and Talent/Institutional Management.

Lerato Magalo
Executive Manager – Technical Services Division
Agrément South Africa
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    Ms Lerato Magalo serves as an Executive Manager for the Technical Services Division of Agrément South Africa, an entity of the Department of Public Works & Infrastructure. She is trained in the field of Civil Engineering, with extensive experience in Project and Programme Management, particularly in Quality Assurance. Ms Magalo has over 15 years work experience; having worked in both private civil engineering consulting and construction management and the public sector. She has worked for the National Home Builders Registration Council, as a Quality Assessor in non-subsidy home building, the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, as an Engineering Consultant in the Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Provision Division and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), as Programme Manager in Engineering & Built Environment Standards Development. She has represented South Africa, while under the employ of the SABS, on numerous technical committees (including the International Standards Organisation – ISO) developing sanitation standards. She now serves as an Executive Manager, responsible for strategic leadership of the Technical Services Division, responsible for certification of innovative (non-standardised) construction products and systems.

John Graham
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    John Graham founded the following; 2008: HouseCheck Inspectors (Pty) Ltd: National home inspection business.2012: SAHITA: SA Home Training Academy (Pty) Ltd: Training of building and home inspectors.2016: National Association of Building Inspectors of South Africa a voluntary Association for South African building inspectors. He was a task team member of the Development of National Building Inspector qualification and curriculum for Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). He was a registered home builder with the NHBRC to 2014. He has been involved in property development with Sikelele Properties (Pty Ltd; Gragood Developments (Pty) Ltd.

John Smallwood
Professor of Construction Management
Nelson Mandela University
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    Prof John Smallwood is the Professor of Construction Management in the Department of Construction Management, Nelson Mandela University, and the Principal, Construction Research Education and Training Enterprises (CREATE). Both his MSc and PhD (Construction Management) addressed construction health and safety (H&S). He has conducted extensive research and published in the areas of construction H&S, ergonomics, and occupational health (OH), but also in the areas of health and well-being, primary health promotion, quality management, and risk management.

Dr Abimbola Windapo |Associate Professor & Editor, Journal of Construction Business and Management at the Department of Construction Economics and Management | University of Cape Town
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    Dr. Abimbola Windapo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Construction Economics and Management at the University of Cape Town, with more than 28 years of experience in the construction industry. She is a registered Construction Project Manager with the SA Council for the Project and Construction Management Profession (SACPCMP) and Registered Builder with.

6th Construction Engineering and Public Works Inspectors Conference (CEPWI)

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