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BIM is more than modelling; it is also the management of data and models offering opportunity for greater collaboration and understanding around the lifecycle of BIM. Harnessing the full capability gives insight into 4D and 5D and ongoing opportunities to create better buildings. This year’s event is all about digitising the construction industry and the current state of BIM adoption in Africa.

5 reasons to attend the BIM in Africa Conference 2019

1. Learn from top digital construction intellectuals and achievers in a sequence of discussions offering realistic, real-world insights that surpass beyond industry limitations, creating transformational experiences to motivate you and your organisation.
2. Listen to some Africa’s big players in big data and digital construction as they explain how the latest developments will shape the future of BIM in Africa.
3. Have your questions answered by some of the leading experts in the field of BIM
4. Learn more about the South African BIM strategy to standardise a competency framework for personnel and businesses engaged in BIM
5. Better understand what you need to do in order to advance towards the adoption of BIM

Venue: Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa • Dates: 13 – 14 March 2019

Chris Allen ICIOB
Lecturer: NMMU
Chairman : CIOB
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    Chris lectures in the Department of Construction Management at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), transferring knowledge learnt on the numerous projects he has been involved with to a new generation of construction managers, architects and quantity surveyors. In addition to the under-graduate building science course known as Environment & Services, which deals extensively with sustainable design and construction, he also presents a module in the Masters course on project strategy and methodology for project managers. He is currently chairman of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Eastern Cape and acts on the Construction Management Development Committee, a sub-committee formed between the CIOB and South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) to look at the future of construction management within the built environment disciplines

Bimal Patwari
Chief Executive Officer
Pinnacle Infotech
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    Bimal Patwari is the 1st generation Entrepreneur and founder of Pinnacle Infotech Solutions – the Global Leader in providing BIM Services to International Construction Industry, Architects and Engineering firms. He has extensively worked with Architects, Engineering Companies, Consultants and Government agencies in USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East and has contributed to the innovative use of technology to improve efficiency, provide fast turnaround and reduce costs. Bimal has brought in the vision, strategic outlook and meticulous roadmap of the best BIM practices available in the industry. Bimal is always looking towards developing newer ideas and newer arena where BIM technology-business mix is making a unique mark. He is an Electronics Engineer from I.I.T. Kharagpur (1987) and has subsequently done Postgraduate Diploma in Management from IIM Lucknow, where he got Director’s Gold Medal for Academic Excellence. He has received numerous awards and has spoken as various international conferences.

Vaughan Harris
The BIM Institute
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    Vaughan has been involved in various sectors of the construction industry locally and internationally since graduating with a National Higher Diploma in Quantity Surveying 1994. His seven years with one of South Africa’s largest Construction Software development companies, Construction Computer Software gave him the opportunity of working closely with most of South Africa’s largest contractors in defining their internal systems and processes as well as being involved in implementing the information management systems on large capital projects. In addition to his valuable role within the construction industry in South Africa, he is founder of the BIM Blog and has recently been awarded the top 30 BIM Blogs on the internet. After founding BIM Institute in 2015 and developing the BIM National Guide for South Africa, Vaughan, successfully established the BIM Academy Africa and has recently steered the BIM implementation program for the Ethiopian Government (ECPMI) in 2017

Biswaroop Todi
Global Vice President
Pinnacle Infotech
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    Biswaroop Todi is the Global Vice President of Pinnacle Infotech since January 2008 to date. He is the head of Visions for BIM Development, lines of operation, new vistas, domain verticals and technical horizontals, integration with other industries, diversifications and complementary and complimentary lines of practices. He is building an in-house team of professionals for implementing BIM outsourced jobs and has an analytical approach to problem solving, implementing new technology and staying ahead of the curve. Biswaroop has played a significant role in the company’s overseas acquisitions in the Middle East & USA. He is always willing to meet international customers and personifies Pinnacle’s commitment to customer centricity. A powerhouse of knowledge, Biswaroop Todi is always willing to meet international customers and personifies Pinnacle’s commitment to customer centricity and is the one-stop best resource for all queries. He is fascinated in the track of innovations, aesthetics and everything that is in the Arts, Letters, Science and Technology. Biswaroop builds up teams, catapults them in exuberance and then takes them to a journey of success from one BIM project to the other. The knowledge and wisdom he gains becomes the real Cultural and Knowledge Capital of Pinnacle Infotech.

Dr Marco Macagnano
Senior Manager
Lead: Smart Real Estate: Deloitte Consulting
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    Dr Marco Macagnano is Lead of Smart Real Estate for Deloitte Consulting, which caters to IoT integration, digital transformation, and performance monitoring in built environment planning and asset management. Marco is a professional architect with over 13 years of experience in professional practice, a Director of the Green Building Council of South Africa and a Smart Building specialist. He was awarded a place in Building Design and Construction’s global 40 Under 40 for 2018 and has completed his PhD in Architecture with a focus on Smart and Sustainable built environments in the Information Age.

Daniel Marais
Airport Designer/BIM Manager
Netherlands Airport Consultants
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    Daniel is a dedicated and hardworking Airside Designer. Through his enthusiasm and affiliation with Computer Aided Design he has developed himself into a 3D geometric design specialist. He enjoys being part of successful and productive teams and as an in-house trainer transfers skills and knowledge in his field of expertise. Daniel has 10 years combined experience in CAD design and 3D modelling, as lead geometrical designer he plays a crucial role in our current airside design assignments. Originally starting out as a structural designer, in the more recent years of his career he has been focusing on civil works and geometrical design of roads and Airports. With a track record of several airports in South Africa, Daniel has recently gained international experience on airport projects on the African Continent and worldwide.

Richard Matchett
Digital Practice Leader, Greater Africa
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    Richard Matchett is an ECSA Registered Professional Engineer, with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and Master of Construction Management (Cum Laude) from Stellenbosch University. His career activity includes project work on a range of municipal and rural engineering projects, major highways and transport projects, strategic master planning projects and project management. He has lived and worked in South Africa and the Middle East, and has been involved in projects in SADEC, North, East and West Africa and the Middle East. He is currently the Digital Practice Leader for Aurecon in Africa, and leads the adoption and development of Digital Engineering on Aurecon’s projects for Clients in the Built Environment and Infrastructure throughout the continent.

Daniel Lategan
BIM Manager
Retail Design Solution
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    Daniel started his career in the Autodesk channel working for a channel partner, first in Sales then moving into a technical support role for AutoCAD and Revit Products becoming an Autodesk AE and Certified Instructor in Revit. He later moved out of the channel into industry seeking further challenges. He took on the responsibility of BIM Manager at Retail Design Solution, where he got contracted to take the lead on the implementation of a BIM Workflow at The Foschini Group as well as various other projects

Dewlene Africa
BIM Manager
SVA International
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    Dewlene has been a part of the Autodesk Channel as a trainer and Application Specialist since 2007. During the time spent in the Channel, she started working with SVA International as a BIM Consultant, and eventually, in 2017 became part the SVA International family as a full-time BIM Manager. The BIM she brings stems from a very strong BIM Authoring Software understanding, which has assisted her adoption of very many Technical Challenges. She believes that honing technology is the way of the future, and is required, if our industry will be successful in this age of technology, communication, and collaboration. Her role at SVA requires that she applies theories in practice, to highlight more effective ways of tackling projects and creating more efficient workflows. Her current challenge is the successful implementation of BIM, that is not simply 3D Authoring, but the delivery of projects in a more streamlined way, creating an understanding of this new era of project delivery that is collaborative and inclusive.

Franco Venter
BIM Manager
SVA International
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    Franco is a BIM Manager at SVA International (Johannesburg), where he develops and implements BIM workflows to enhance project efficiencies. Franco previously worked for an Autodesk reseller where he was contracted to do Revit Implementation and training at various Architectural, Structural and MEP Engineering companies. Understanding how these disciplines approach BIM modelling helps him in developing streamlined BIM workflows. Franco understands that, for AEC practices to stay competitive in the current environment, they must embrace technology and have support structures in place to efficiently drive and manage change in their businesses. Franco influences his team members in BIM best practice workflows and model integrity. This is achieved through regular training workshops, project-specific support, and regular model audits. His interest in new technologies helps him identify possible integrations to help streamline BIM workflow efficiencies for the entire professional team.

Jean-Pierre Basson
Lecturer: Department of Architecture
Nelson Mandela University
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    Jean-Pierre Basson is a professional architect registered at the South African Council for the Architectural Professions since 2013 and fulltime facilitator of learning at the Department of Architecture, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth. His teaching experience includes: core module, Architectural Design and accompanying modules: Architectural Computer Usage 2, 3 and Master level, Architectural Presentation Techniques 1 and 2 and Architectural Theory 1. As his interest lies within communication and the way that architects communicate, his research is aimed around improving design communication between student and lecturer in the design studio by using building information modelling as main pedagogy thus linking traditional methods with the use of information technology. His passion is to explore alternative methods around teaching within a student-centred approach by using the pedagogical paradigm of scaffolding. As our students come from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, it is important that all students must feel that they can learn at a pace that they feel comfortable with and that they can manage. He holds various awards.

Craig Howie
Digital Project Delivery Lead
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    As Digital Project Delivery Lead at AECOM Africa Craig is responsible for driving Digital Project Delivery innovation across AECOM’s African multidisciplinary offices. Craig is a regular speaker at local BIM events having implemented and trained BIM processes to hundreds of people across Southern Africa and also internationally. Craig is passionate about the efficiencies of Digital Project Delivery within the African market and how is can be used to reduce waste, errors and costs on projects.

Shameemah Davids
Lead for the Architecture Dept.
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    As BIM Lead for the Architecture department at AECOM Africa Shameemah is responsible for driving Digital Project Delivery innovation across AECOM’s African offices. Shameemah creates and manages Architecture BIM standards, does technical support and training and participates in doing Project BIM Coordination on some of AECOM’s local and international projects. Shameemah is passionate about digital problem solving within the AEC industry and confidently motivates, mobilizes and coaches fellow colleagues to meet high performance standards.

Jessica Baisley
Project BIM Manager
Capex Projects
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    Jessica Baisley completed her MArch(Prof) from the University of Pretoria. She started working with Revit in 2005 joining Modena Design Centres in 2009 specializing in Revit training. This role focused on training and evolved with the industry to the role of a BIM Consultant to several of South Africa’s top architectural and engineering firms whom she assisted with BIM protocol development and customized BIM training. Her approach to BIM has always been Real World Relevance. She is currently working under the role of Project BIM management for Capex Projects, a well-known project management firm, implementing BIM at a project level.

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