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In recent months, there has been more cases on workplaces involving high profile individuals. The issue of powerand sexual crimes, and racism has dominated the news across the world. But nothing is being done to protect both the employer and the victims. What are some of the challenges HR policy can work on to protect the corporate image, at the same time weed out unprofessional behaviours that include sexual harassment in the form of unwanted sexual advances and racial discrimination during work times. Some victims can’t face the courts and choose to keep quiet. Some suffer depression as they have a family to look after. Some are married and fear their relationship at home can be affected. Some they can’t stand the media. This event aims to create a platform were, right motives and professionalism can exist and creating awareness of employee’s professional behaviour and limits to protect employers corporate image and vulnerable employees both men and women.

This event will:

1. Highlight what employers can do to prevent employment discrimination and sexual harassments and unwanted behaviours at workplaces
2. Encourage the implementation and integration of a strict policy that makes employment discrimination of any type unacceptable in your workplace.
3. Train your managers in the implementation of the anti-discrimination policy with the expectation that prevention is their responsibility. Mandatory employee training should address many of the same issues as the managers’ training relative to employment discrimination.
4. Seek to establish cultural expectations and norms-Creating a work environment that is free of employment discrimination, and all forms of harassment and retaliation should be integral in employee job descriptions, the goals in the performance development planning process, and in employee review and evaluation.
5. Respond to an employee complaint about employment discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in a timely, professional, confidential, policy-adhering manner. Address the employee complaint through to appeal, when necessary.
6. Show to prevent employment discrimination and Lawsuits

Workshop: 27 – 28 June 2018



Workplace Behaviour Conference

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