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Theme: Investing in Rural Community Development Projects

  1. Education and Skills Development
  2. Rural Healthcare Development
  3. Rural Roads and Infrastructure Development
  4. Dynamics and Diversity: The Potential of rural areas.

The attractiveness of rural areas includes home-connectedness and independent living culture as well as access to work, education and utilities, and affordable housing. At the same time, communities in these structurally weaker regions are finding it increasingly difficult to develop. For the past years MillaSA has hosted the annual rural development conference to promote the sustainability of rural livelihoods. Against the background of demographic change, our rural areas need an affordable infrastructure and a comprehensive network of facilities and services of general interest. To hear more from experts on this subject, Register Now.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Learn about Future-oriented rural development. Demographic change, digitisation and multidimensional factors of globalisation that make the rural communities.
  2. Discuss about proposed Community education – community-based learning. Explore how education works and what aspects it promotes. How Community Education supports communities. Concrete problem situations through joint action in to master a continuous learning process.
  3. Learn more about Rural viability and vitality.
  4. Discuss how to improve public awareness of the rural areas and resources to deliver on a wide range of economic, social, and environmental challenges and opportunities benefitting all Africans.
  5. Gain understanding of rural climate protection as a municipal task and consolidating activities, accompanying and advising municipalities.
  6. Listen to a wide range of developmental projects that are suitable for your region.

Venue: Cape Town, South Africa • Dates: 22 – 23 May 2019

Craig Howie
Digital Project Delivery Lead
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    As Digital Project Delivery Lead at AECOM Africa Craig is responsible for driving Digital Project Delivery innovation across AECOM’s African multidisciplinary offices. Craig is a regular speaker at local BIM events having implemented and trained BIM processes to hundreds of people across Southern Africa and also internationally. Craig is passionate about the efficiencies of Digital Project Delivery within the African market and how is can be used to reduce waste, errors and costs on projects.

Shameemah Davids
Lead for the Architecture Dept.
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    As BIM Lead for the Architecture department at AECOM Africa Shameemah is responsible for driving Digital Project Delivery innovation across AECOM’s African offices. Shameemah creates and manages Architecture BIM standards, does technical support and training and participates in doing Project BIM Coordination on some of AECOM’s local and international projects. Shameemah is passionate about digital problem solving within the AEC industry and confidently motivates, mobilizes and coaches fellow colleagues to meet high performance standards.