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Theme: Guidance on Financial Management & Investment for Pro Athletes Sporting clubs, regulators & industry players’ role in ensuring athletes future financial security? Athletes in Retirement and Transition

In an increasingly unpredictable and competitive sporting environment it is imperative that professional sportsmen/women receive proper financial guidance early in their careers to make financial security well beyond their sporting careers an achievable reality. This is an area, generally overlooked for sporting personalities who often suddenly find themselves, facing many unexpected social and professional pressures that come with their careers’ success. Our goal is to bring sporting stakeholders together to collectively explore ways in which the sports environment can effectively maximize its impact on society, business and the overall quality of life of its various participants. This is an opportunity for the industry on the continent to grow and stay on the cutting edge in the world of sports.

Venue: CTICC, Cape Town, South Africa
Dates: 22 – 23 November 2017


Sportsman Wealth and Retirement Management

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