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Theme: Mitigating the economic & social impacts of COVID-19 in Rural Areas

The remote and rural communities of South Africa and Africa at large, have not been spared from the reach of COVID19. As in even the most developed countries across the globe, the often neglected residents of our remote areas are most affected. They need to survive in an environment devoid of adequate economic and medical means. Their livelihoods are easily jeopardized as sometimes whole communities depend on only one or two factories or farms in the area thus making them particularly vulnerable. The arrival of any natural disaster could easily create a dire situation. Furthermore, the lack of technology and infrastructure makes ascertaining accurate or real-time information from such locations, a challenge.

This generation has not experienced a pandemic of the magnitude presented by COVID19. The spread of the disease was so rapid and globally, no country was adequately prepared to deal with it. The Spanish Flu, which was the last major global pandemic, took place in 1918 and infected one third of the world’s population. Interestingly, the measures taken to combat that pandemic are very similar to those currently employed today. Given the advancements in technology, now is the time to look ahead to protect our rural communities through development, equipping them to handle various disasters and their ensuing consequences. To achieve this goal, partnerships are a key factor for success. This is a call to all engaged Rural Development practitioners to connect and work together to create self sufficient and thriving rural communities.

The webinar is being held to discuss the following:

  • Role government and developmental organizations are playing in supporting struggling small businesses and connecting them to resources.
  • Laying the groundwork for recovery in the months and years to come
  • Further supports structures required to ensure rural communities sustainably emerge from this crisis
  • Solutions to Rural Development challenges
  • Education in the rural environment
  • Community Transformation Strategies
  • Connecting Rural Communities – enhancing broadband, skills & applications
  • Wealth creation – empowering rural citizens to take ownership of their wealth creation.

Mrs Thamo Mzobe
Chief Executive Officer
National Development Agency
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    A social and community development activist, Mrs Thamo Mzobe is invested in the fight for poverty eradication and champions linkages of Civil Society Organisations and SMMEs to economic opportunities which contribute to their growth and sustainability. Her voice on human empowerment has been heard at various platforms, including in Zimbabwe and Namibia, where she contributed to high level strategies to enhance productivity levels in young women from rural and remote areas of Africa to advance them into positions of leadership within societies. She is a speaker at the upcoming Top Women Empowerment Virtual Conference in July 2020. Mrs Mzobe is, and has always been, a committed servant leader who is passionate about the development and implementation of innovative strategies towards fighting poverty and improving sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable communities.

Waseem Carrim
National Youth Development Agency
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    Currently only 31 years old, Waseem Carrim is one of South Africa’s youngest-ever CEOs bringing with him his belief in the current young generation. Waseem believes that the current generation sees integration and globalization not as threats but as opportunities for education, exploration, employment, and exchange. This generation sees differences of pluralism and diversity not as a curse, but as a great gift. He believes that together as a nation we can achieve much change, he is confident that the future is brighter than the past, and that our best days are still ahead of us. In 2013 he completed his article traineeship with KPMG and was admitted as a member of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). Waseem also holds a Master’s degree in Taxation from the University of Pretoria and is currently pursuing his MBA at Wits University. Waseem led the turnaround of the finance and Supply Chain Management divisions that culminated in three clean audits and a fundamental reduction in irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure. In 2016, Mr Carrim was named one of the Top 35 under-35 Chartered Accountants by the SAICA. The Agency has praised the CEO NYDA in a statement saying: “Mr Carrim has served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the NYDA since 2014. During this period, he has presided over the turnaround of the NYDA finances. The organisation has moved from a dire financial state to a viable one. Over the past four financial years, the NYDA has moved from an organisation characterised by wasteful and fruitless expenditure to the tune of R100 million to an organisation of clean audit opinion. In the last financial year, fruitless and wasteful expenditure amounted to R0”.

Dr Nandipha Toyota Ndudane | Director and Principal |TARDI (Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform)
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    Dr Nandipha Toyota Ndudane is the Principal of Tsolo Agriculture College, and lecturers Epidemiology, Diagnostics and Communication modules, and mentors Compulsory Community Service Veterinarians. She serves as a Council member of the South African Veterinary Council, a Commissioner in the Eastern Cape Planning Commission and as a Non- Executive Director of Ntinga OR Tambo Development Agency. As the Director: Diagnostics & Advisory Services EC Department of Agriculture, she championed the launching of the Primary Animal Health Program in the Province. She led the establishment of a third institution offering a Diploma in Animal Health and a world class Veterinary Community Clinic, servicing rural communities. Nandipha managed to secure full funding for all the students enrolled at TARDI and works with various organisations to empower the less privileged.

Andrew KL Robinson
Public Health Medical Specialist
North West University
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    Andrew currently holds the positions of Deputy Dean Strategy and Business Development, and, Extraordinary professor, African Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR) at the North West University Health Science Faculty. Prior to this, he was initially the Deputy Director General of Health Services at the North West Provincial Health Department, which managed epidemics such as TB, HIV, cholera, Avian flu, MERS, Swine flu, H1N1, influenza, Marburg fever, meningitis and acute flaccid paralysis. He moved on to the position of Head of Clinical Services within the same institution. Andrew also held the following the positions in the past;

    Research Site Director at MRC’s South African Aids Vaccine Initiative: where the first preventive HIV vaccine clinical trials took place in South Africa. Medical Advisor at GlaxoSmithKline, South Africa: clinical development of anti-infective and vaccines. Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health, Director Communicable Diseases: eThekwini Metropolitan Council: epidemics managed included malaria, dysentery, food-poisoning, plague, rabies, Congo fever, TB, HIV, nits & lice, measles, diphtheria.General Practitioner, Medical Officer/Senior House Officer: generalist clinical work in urban and rural environments in RSA and UK.

Dr Philip Coetzer
Senior Associate
Coetzer & Associates Southern & Eastern Africa
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    Philip Coetzer is a PhD graduate in Business Science, a seasoned Business Coach with a passion to develop young leaders. He is well known for development and sustainability efforts in communities across Southern Africa. He is a part-time officer in the Defence Reserves and also responsible for Strategy and Planning of Flagship Projects in the South African National Defence Force.

Rural Development webinar

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