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The remote and rural communities of South Africa and Africa at large have not been spared from the reach of COVID 19. As in even the most developed countries across the globe, the often-neglected residents of our remote areas are the most affected. They need to survive in an environment devoid of adequate economic and medical means. The livelihoods of people are easily jeopardized as it is not rare for whole communities to be dependent on only one or two factories or farms in the area thus making them particularly vulnerable. The arrival of any natural disasters creates a dire situation. Furthermore, the lack of technology and infrastructure makes ascertaining real-time information from such locations, a challenge.

This generation has not experienced a pandemic of the magnitude presented by COVID 19. The spread of the disease was so rapid and globally, no country was adequately prepared to deal with it. The Spanish Flu, which was the last major global pandemic, took place in 1918 and infected one third of the world’s population. Interestingly, the measures taken to combat that pandemic are very similar to those currently being employed today. Given the advancements in technology, now is the time to look ahead to ensure that our rural communities are better equipped to handle disasters of this nature and their ensuing consequences. Partnerships are a key factor for success in achieving this goal, as there is much work to be done.This is a call to all engaged Rural Development practitioners to connect and work together to create self-sufficient and thriving rural communities.

The webinar is being held to discuss the following:

  • Role government and developmental organizations are playing in supporting struggling small businesses and connecting them to resources.
  • Laying the groundwork for recovery in the months and years to come
  • Further supports structures required to ensure rural communities sustainably emerge from this crisis
  • Solutions to Rural Development challenges
  • Education in the rural environment
  • Community Transformation Strategies
  • Connecting Rural Communities – enhancing broadband, skills & applications
  • Wealth creation – empowering rural citizens to take ownership of their wealth creation.

Rural Development webinar

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