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PAN AFRICAN-GLOBAL SUMMIT ON EXAMINATIONS DELIVERY, INTEGRITY AND SECURITY MANAGEMENT 2019 is about promoting Integrity and ethics, managing security and bringing ground breaking technology and unmatched networking for qualification providers. The Summit focuses on education examination as the main method that examines whether the students have grasped the ability to apply knowledge acquired into practice. The education examinations reflects the integrity of education institutions. Therefore, only when the educational examinations are true and justified can the reliability of the educational examinations be ensured. We introduce international best practice to monitor the entire examinations value chain and show practical guidance to investigate major irregularities that compromise the integrity of examinations.

Venue: Cape Town, South Africa • Dates: 28 – 30 August 2019

Robert Kolb RN, MS, CCRC
University of Florida, USA
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    Robert Kolb RN, MS, CCRC | Assistant Director Clinical Research, Translational Workforce Directorate, Research Participant Advocate / Consultant, Regulatory Knowledge, Research Support and Service Center, | University of Florida, USA

Timothy Martin
United Arab Emirates
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    Timothy Martin | System Expert- Enterprise Systems | Ministry of Education|United Arab Emirates

Prof O. D. Makinde
Stellenbosch University South Africa
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    Prof. O. D. Makinde (MFR, FAAS, FIAPS) | Faculty of Military Science | Stellenbosch University South Africa

Dr. NA Ravhudzulo
University of South Africa
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    Dr NA Ravhudzulo | Deputy Director: College of Education, Directorate University Teaching and Learning Development (DUTLD) | University of South Africa

Dixie Maluwa-Banda
NCHE Malawi
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    Dixie Maluwa-Banda | Deputy Chief Executive Officer | National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), Malawi

Prof. Ike Onyechere
Exam Ethics Marshal International Nigeria
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    Prof Ike Onyechere,| Chairman | Exam Ethics Marshal International Nigeria

Prof. Grace Cheserek
University of Eldoret Kenya
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    Prof. Grace Cheserek (PhD) | Associate Professor, Human Ecology, Director, Industrial Linkages Partnerships and Collaborations, Department of Applied Environmental Social Sciences; School of Environmental Studies, | University of Eldoret Kenya

Prof. Rosh Maharaj
Richfield Graduate Institute Of Technology
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    Prof. Rosh Maharaj | Quality Assurance Director |Richfield Graduate Institute Of Technology South Africa

Sitali Wamundila
University of Zambia

Sebastian G. Charidza
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    Sebastian G. Charidza | Former Assistant Director | Zimbabwe School Examinations Council

Dr. Joseph Amolo Aluoch
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    Dr Joseph Amolo Aluoch | Healthcare Specialist: Pulmonologist | Kenya

Prof. Lawrence Mwananyanda
Boston University
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    Prof. Lawrence Mwananyanda | Research Assistant Professor | Boston University School of Public Health

Prof. Chrispen Chiome
Zimbabwe Open University
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    Prof. Chrispen Chiome | Acting Director of the Higher Degrees Directorate | Zimbabwe Open University

Pan African-Global Summit on Examinations Delivery, Integrity and Security Management 2019

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