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Fire Systems Design and Engineering in Mass Timber Structures and Buildings Online Conference aim is to provide better understanding of the performance of timber structures in fire engineering . Given the high carbon footprint of cement and steel production, timber is increasingly a compelling material of choice. With the need for green and sustainable architecture, as well as new available timber technologies (i.e. cross laminated timber, laminated veneer lumber, glulam, etc.), architects and building owners are requesting taller mass timber buildings and more exposed timber. In addition to the sustainability benefits that timber buildings offer, increased speed of construction and potentially higher financial returns plead the case of mass timber buildings.Up until now, the conventional design of multi-storey mass timber buildings has been based on timber structural elements being encapsulated within fire rated gypsum plasterboard products, to provide a noncombustible finish. With the recent planning of high-rise mass timber buildings with more exposed timber,
the influence of this exposed timber on:

  • fire dynamics,
  • overall structural fire rating,
  • structural response when subjected to heating,
  • sprinkler system design, and
  • fire safety regulations

needs to be understood. With better understanding, not only will high rise mass timber building designs improve, approving authorities will be better equipped at conducting necessary assessments.

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Fire Systems Design & Engineering in Timber Structures and Buildings: Online Conference

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