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Theme: Improving Public Works Inspection Skills

MillaSA hereby extends an invitation to you to attend the Annual Construction, Engineering and Public Works Inspection Workshop (CEPWI). The theme for theworkshop is “Improving Public Works Inspection Skills”. If you are unavailable, please feel free to nominate a representative from your organisation. A brief introduction to the workshop is attached. This event will be accredited by the University of Cape Town and SACPCMP.* Public works practitioners will benefit from this course which has been designed for all Inspectors in collaboration with the University of Cape Town. This workshop will focus on improving Inspection skills.

5 benefits of attending this year’s workshop are:

1. Identify more duties and responsibilities of a public works inspector
2. Learn appropriate inspection techniques
3. Learn how to acquire data and prepare an inspection report
4. Identify and assist in quality control tests and inspection on cement concrete
5. Learn material handling and installation and testing of water, sewer, and underground wiring facilities
6. Discuss ethics of inspection work

And many more benefits….

Workshop: 2017 – 2018

Dr Abimbola Windapo: Associate Professor: Department of Construction Economics and Management: University of Cape Town

Silver Sponsor

Annual Construction Engineering & and Public Works Inspection Workshops2

Annual Construction Engineering & and Public Works Inspection Workshops

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