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Theme: Theme: Consultation and Engagement: The Future of Rural Development Policy

o National Prosperity through Modern Rural Policy: Competitiveness and well-being in rural regions
o New Approaches to Rural Policy: Lessons from Around the World
o Developing Rural Policies to Meet the Needs of a Changing Africa
o Rural Investment Policy: Partnering with CSI

This conference brings together, for the first time, rural policy officials and leading policy analysts from around African countries and the globe to examine promising new policy options for boosting economic performance in rural areas. Globalization is causing widespread consolidation in traditional rural industries, leaving many rural regions throughout the world looking for new sources of economic growth. The need for new rural policy approaches is underscored by the continued high cost of existing rural policies. This conference will highlight the need for new policy options, review the principles underpinning new policy approaches, consultation and engagement and the lessons that can be learned from a wave of new policy initiatives in African countries.

The conference aims to bring out the following:

  • An improved monitoring and evaluation framework will allow better information to be available to inform decisions over the impact and effectiveness of the programme.
  • Developing, consulting and engaging current, realistic, sustainable rural policies for different rural regions.
  • Fostering partnerships to drive rural policies
  • Establish a team that can drive new rural policies within the framework of the overall objectives of the agricultural and rural sector, objectives that are specifically and directly related to emerging farmers role in agricultural production and processing. These objectives should be clearly stated, realistic, feasible, measurable in terms of their success and action-oriented.
  • Establishing a communication and information system among the various parties – national (governmental and non-governmental), regional and international. This assumes a capacity for data management and research and the establishment of networks.
  • Be in a position to change the orientation of policies and to modify its procedures so that rural women are truly taken into account in policy-making and planning processes and in current or future development programmes and projects;

Venue: Durban, South Africa
Dates: 23-24 May 2018


9th Annual Rural Development Policy Africa Conference

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