Milla SA is proud to host the 2nd Water Security Africa Conference 2018 taking place in the City of Cape Town in 2018. As the world population increases disproportionately in urban centres, stress on existing natural water supplies (with respect to quantity and quality) continues to increase. There are many parts of the world currently experiencing drought conditions combined with a water quality that is unfit for human consumption, resulting in disease and death. Scarcity of water also results in reduced availability for food production. Alternative water sources are necessary for sustainable development.

As the South Africa’s water sector grapples with potential infrastructure initiatives and the recovery of key industrial end-markets, public and private sector thought-leaders will over the 2 days assessthe opportunities for partnerships and technology innovation. This event will harness the insight of industry experts to discuss the opportunities for technology innovation in the sea water sector and waste water recycling and treatment. Connect with like-minded people and join in stimulating discussions on new trends in the water space, breakthroughs in technology and project delivery, practical water data analysis, reuse and recycling, securing and deploying private finance, partnering for public benefit and much more.

Dr. Nezar Eldidy
Management and Institutional Division
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    Water Institute of Southern Africa

    Dr. Eldidy is an active Professional Engineer operating in the water sector and has participated in various projects, presented several papers and articles on the South African water sector, specifically in governance, engineering economic aspects, finance and efficiency of Water Utilities.I have been the Chairman of the “Management and Institutional Division” of the Water Institute of Southern Africa for over 18 months, during which, I was able to create direction in the division to support WISA’s vision and goals. The division is in the process of creating an accredited training programme for Water Managers, concluding agreements with other professional bodies and advise of governance in the sector. In 2017, I was elected as Board Member of WISA in the capacity as Director of Divisions.

Dawid Bosman
Chief Strategy Officer (Acting)
Trans-Caledon Tunnel Authority
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    Active in advisory roles since 1992, mostly in business improvement and strategy. Have completed more than sixty
    advisory assignments in a range of sectors, locally as well as in the USA, the EU, Scandinavia and the Middle
    East. Joined the Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA) in 2010 as a senior manager, with a portfolio that includes
    strategic advisory support within TCTA and the water sector, and the development of a knowledge hub for largescale
    desalination. Professional interests include strategy, scenario development and sustainability. Graduated
    as a mechanical engineer from Stellenbosch University, and an MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Dr Richard Meissner
Senior Researcher
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
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    Dr Richard Meissner is a Senior Researcher at the CSIR with a Doctoral Degree in International Politics from the
    University of Pretoria. He specialises in several study areas related to water governance. Richard was the project
    manager of the CSIR’s water security project and is currently the project manager of the green infrastructure for
    water security project. He has published widely on water governance and water security with over 100 publications
    to his name. These include scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, popular articles, book chapters, technical reports as either a lead and/or co-author. Richard has also presented papers at numerous local and international conferences, workshops and lectures.

Zelda Scheepers
Section Engineer
City of Windhoek
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    I am Zelda Scheepers, a mechanical engineer. I have been working in Namibia in the water sector for the past 24 years. I am currently employed as a Section Engineer with the Engineering Services division of the City of Windhoek and my main responsibilities are projects related to the Windhoek aquifer, semi-purified system and
    sanitation in the informal areas.

Mariette Liefferink
Federation for a Sustainable Environment
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    One of the 100 most influential people in Africa’s Mining Industry (MiningMX 2013 – “Rainmakers and Potstirrers.- Member of more than a dozen of Governmental Project and Study Steering Committees, Boards, Task Teams, Teams of Experts, Section 5 Advisory Committees, Management and Executive Committees.

Dr. Joel O. Botai (PhD)
Chief Scientist:
Applications Research
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    South African Weather Service

    Dr. Joel Botai is a chief scientist at the South African Weather Service leading a team of scientists undertaking research and developing weather and climate products and services in support of strategic sectors of the economy including water resources, agriculture, health, energy and socio-economics. Dr. Botai has a multi-disciplinary academic background with a vast experience in cross-cutting research areas including earth and atmosphere sciences. Dr. Botai has authored and co-authored more than thirty five peer reviewed journal publications and presented at various national and international workshops, conferences. Dr. Botai is also a member of various scientific organizations such as the American Geophysical Union and the African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment. Dr. Botai is also currently an extra-ordinary staff member of the University of Pretoria and has been actively involved in capacity building especially supervision of postgraduate students. Dr Botai’s current research interests include big data science, advanced numerical and computational techniques as well development of early warning systems.

Jeremy Taylor
Water Rhapsody Conservation Systems
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    In 1994 Jeremy exhibited his inventions to use less water for the first time at which event he won the prestigious award of “the Most Innovative Product of the Year”. In 1998 he won a Green Trust Award from the WWF for his ideas and developments to get people to use less water. These ideas and developments include ways to re-use grey water for irrigation and toilet flushing, the re-use of swimming pool backwash water. Furthermore he invented ways to augment supply to domestic, commercial and industrial premises within the norms and standards of compliancy. This year in Pretoria he was the winner of an ECO- Logic water conservation award.

Yamkela Ntola
Portfolio Manager: Water & Environmental
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    Yamkela Ntola is the Water and Environmental Portfolio Manager at the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse. Prior to this appointment, Yamkela held the position of senior lecturer of public international law at the University of South Africa. His legal career included consulting at Boqwana Burns Attorneys Inc as well as serving as an article clerk at Cullinan and Associates.Yamkela graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Master of Laws (LLM: Public Law) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Yamkela is currently undertaking his master’s in philosophy specializing in Sustainable Mineral Resource Development at the University of Cape Town.

Stuart Dunsmore
Fourth Element Consulting (Pty) Ltd.
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    Stuart is a civil engineer with 30 years in the management of surface water resources. He is part of the professional team developing the Stormwater Design Manual for the City of Johannesburg, is working with the GCRO on strategic roll-out of Green Infrastructure in Gauteng, and is active in many metropolitan river projects looking at long-term recovery and water resource protection. Stuart has partnered with eWater Limited (Australia) who has developed a Toolkit suite of water management resources specifically for municipal applications. These include MUSIC for the design of WSUDs, and eWater Source, a hydrological modelling platform that combines IWRM with water policy and governance capability

Dr. Nezar Eldidy
Management and Institutional Division
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    Until January 2014, Rudy served as chief executive of the Union Investment Company of National Education Health and Allied Workers Union, SA’s largest public sector union. Rudy was founder member and first CE of the company established some fifteen years ago, returning for a second term in 2011. The Mega Water Corporation exemplifies his skills in forging strong international partnerships. Formally trained as a lawyer and having practiced corporate law in the US, he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center (1990), and completed his undergraduate degree in politics and economic history at Oberlin College (1986). Rudy spent the bulk of his career and formative years in the USA

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